We Love Helping Local Businesses Yodle

Everything we do is designed to help local businesses connect with consumers through online marketing. (That's what we call Yodling.)

The work we do is often complex. But we strive to create simple experiences for our clients and their customers.

From the name of our company to our colors, typography, editorial style, and the use of Hans the Yodler, we aim to have fun while helping more than 45,000 local business owners succeed at online marketing.

Brand Standards Play an Important Role

Our brand standards play an important role in achieving our mission. They define the qualities and characteristics of working with Yodle. They help us set the right expectations for prospects who become customers and job seekers who become employees. And they help us ensure consistent experiences across applications, devices, and settings.

Your Role Is Important, Too

We trust you'll use our standards site to make good decisions in representing our brand and delivering positive experiences to anyone who interacts with Yodle.

Whether you're using our logo in a news article, designing marketing materials, or developing a new application—it's a part of helping local businesses Yodle.